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Sex IN the City ~ The essential guide to dating and sex for the modern woman. Informative, funny and very frank! One of my personal faves!!

Sexuality ~ A highly informative book covering all aspects of Sexual Development including the male and female reproductive systems with highly in depth, full color diagrams and illustrations. A must read!

Sex for Dummies ~ One of the most in depth, easy to read, entertaining and educational books on the subject of Sex Education.

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Sex Ed 102 with Kara_Sutra: Exploring the Female Body

The reason I'm doing this video is to answer the most asked questions from my girls and to hopefully help you understand the importance of knowing your body, getting rid of any concerns you may have and teaching you to love what you've been gifted with.

I want to stress how important it is that you learn to regularly touch your self (it doesn't have to be sexually) and look at yourself in the mirror,

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Sex Ed 102 with Kara Sutra

Sex Ed 102 is a show that is informative, fun, and unabashedly frank. It delves into many aspects of the sexual world and sex industry that is otherwise ignored or mishandled. Sex advice and sexual product reviews dominate the shows content, all sprinkled with Karas signature style. Kara_Sutra herself is described as "adorably accessible, friendly and funny." She has become a hit with anyone sexually curious or desiring to unleash their "˜inner freak".