Reckless Sons - Serious Business on BTR [ep74]

New York City-based Reckless Sons make rowdy, roaring rock ‘n’ roll. Led by dynamic frontman Matt Butler, the four-piece have opened for the likes of Peter Bjorn and John and Hercules and Love Affair, and, in 2009, they won the “Free The Noise” contest judged by SPIN, John Varvatos, Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell and Island Records. /// Featured song: “Whipping Boy” /// Reckless Sons’ self-titled EP is their latest release. /// Complete radio broadcast and playlist: /// Official website: /// Twitter: @RecklessSons

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Serious Business on BTR

Travis Harrison records bands for a living, so he knows how to get the best out of musicians. As the head of Serious Business, a recording studio and record label, Travis also knows the industry. Every week he invites musicians into his studio for funny, irreverent and seriously interesting chats where anything goes. New episodes every Monday from BreakThru Radio.