Episode 6 SarahRD.tv - Kids Sport Snacks - Easy Healthy Snack Ideas

Sugar, Salt and Fat: Snacks we Feed American Children on the Field?! Are you tired of the Junk Food Snacks your child is given before and after sporting events? Kids run around fields for hours and burn a tremendous amount of energy, parents and coaches simply reward them with sugar drinks, chips, candy, cake, and unhealthy snacks. Is this how we teach our kids to eat healthy and nourish our bodies for optimum performance? IT’s Pathetic! Children learn at a very young age what foods to eat. When parents, coaches and friends offer low-nutrition/high calorie foods, children will eat them of course. What is funny to me is that if we were to see adults eating cheese crackers and a soda after jumping off the treadmill at the gym, we would judge that person! So why do we do this to kids? If you want a child to have great energy on the field, at competitions/races/meets and as an adult, the time is now to not only to offer nutritious foods to fuel the body, but also to teach them how to fuel the body for life! Watch SarahRD.tv Episode 6 and see what Registered Dietitian Sarah Krieger has to say about this. Please visit http://www.sarahrd.tv and download / email / print Sarah’s healthy sport snack brochure targeted for kids, parents, and coaches. Follow SarahRD.tv on Twitter http://twitter.com/Sarahrdtv Follow Sarah Krieger on Twitter: http://twitter.com/SarahKriegerRD Follow SarahRD.tv on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/SarahRDtv/169797499756635 Follow SarahRD.tv on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/sarahrdtv

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Sarah Krieger is a registered dietitian/nutritionist that specializes in weight management, family meal planning, childhood obesity and individual meal planning. SarahRD.tv is an online show that teaches you and your family how to eat healthy, grocery shop, eating on a budget, and also gives opinions regarding the latest food news and trends. Sarah Krieger works with kids, teens and adults with weight management issues and teaches them how to make wiser eating choices and how to stick with it.