Safety Geeks Ep 6

Sponsored by KoldCast.TV, Budwin interrogates the manager about the warehouse area while Dr. Minky and Reginald try fruitlessly to help Pierce then police Sgt. Herbert arrives. See episodes in 3D at

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Safety Geeks: SVI Procedural Comedy

A semi-elite team is keeping the world safe, accidentally. A show that pokes relentless fun at a society increasingly over-obsessed with safety and crime investigations. Thus, Safety Geeks: SVI is a parody on many levels. There are large parts of OSHA, bits of Thunderbirds, elements of Geek Squad and a massive helping of CSI. In a nutshell: a team outside all jurisdictions swoops in to investigate accidents � the twist being that they cause more damage and harm than the accident itself. Review by Alec Corday, Visioweb.TV