The Haunted Library - Episode 9: Apparently the Heir

A final struggle puts the Will in the hands of an O’Deary descendant who loves the library as much as Ava did. And speaking of Ava, she finds a way to speak from beyond the grave and reveal the intention behind her quest for the Will. In setting her relatives into competition, she hoped to bring them together and help them to overcome their differences. Now the only a couple of questions remain. Who raised the most money for Because I Am A Girl to win the tickets to The Mint Chip Girls concert? How will the heir to the O’Deary fortune thank Ruby? Check out the O'Deary Library: Ava's puzzle site: Follow Hailey's Tumblr and her fundraising campaign: Diana has a Tumblr too: Meet The Mint Chip Girls:

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Ruby Skye P.I. is an award-winning kid-driven family-friendly multi-platform detective series. Ruby Skye is a teenage girl who finds mysteries wherever she looks – and she needs to solve them, no matter what it costs her. Stubborn, smart, determined and a little too quick to jump to conclusions, Ruby makes some unfortunate choices in her pursuit of truth, justice and, well… personal curiosity. her friends back?