The Spam Scam - Chapter 5: Caught Ruby Red Handed Ruby Skye P.I. is a mystery, detective web show for tweens. In her first mystery, The Spam Scam, 15 year old amateur girl sleuth discovers that a neighbor has fallen victim an email scam and vows to get her money back, but the clues lead in all the wrong directions. Pretty soon, Ruby has no friends left. Can Ruby solve the mysteries and win her friends back? Chapter 5: Caught Ruby Red-handed Just when it looks like things can't possibly get any worse, they do. ;At risk are Ruby's future as a good sister, an honest shopper, a great detective and as a best friend.

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Ruby Skye P.I. is an award-winning kid-driven family-friendly multi-platform detective series. Ruby Skye is a teenage girl who finds mysteries wherever she looks – and she needs to solve them, no matter what it costs her. Stubborn, smart, determined and a little too quick to jump to conclusions, Ruby makes some unfortunate choices in her pursuit of truth, justice and, well… personal curiosity. her friends back?