Lama Karma Tenzin's Sand Mandala

As part of the exhibition The Dragon's Gift: Sacred Arts of Bhutan, Lama Karma Tenzin worked for two weeks to create this intricate sand mandala of the deity Chakrasamvara. He then destroyed it in under 2 minutes.

Rubin Museum of Art

The Rubin Museum of Art explores the rich art and cultural legacies of the Himalayas, presenting paintings, textiles, and sculpture from Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan, as well as those from the larger Himalayan cultural sphere which includes India, China, Mongolia, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. The relevance and universality of ideas found in Himalayan art are illuminated through cross-cultural and contemporary art exhibitions, acclaimed educational and public programs. "Doing some of the most original and inspired programs on the arts and consciousness in New York City." —Lisa Paul Streitfeld, Huffington Post