Caris' Peace : Trailer

2011, USA, Gaylen Ross and Rebecca Nelson, 76 min. With Lewis Black, Kate Burton, Caris Corfman, Nancy Giles, Tony Shalhoub She was a brilliant graduate of the Yale School of Drama. She counted Lewis Black, Kate Burton, and Mark Linn-Baker as her contemporaries. She played opposite Tim Curry and Ian McKellen in the Broadway hit play Amadeus. And then she had a brain tumor. And then she lost her short-term memory. Alzheimer's patients are increasingly less aware of their condition and loss. Robbed of her ability to learn, recall, and recite lines, Caris Corfman however, increasingly recognized that her career was over. Gaylen Ross's wrenching documentary captures what it is like to try to live trapped in the past and in only the thinnest slivers of the present. It's a film you are unlikely to forget.

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