Ready to SQUIRT? How to have a Blended Orgasm

Ready to squirt? Many wives want to achieve the ultimate orgasm. The ultimate outcome is being able to squirt! How does it feel? What techniques can you use to get this blended orgasm? Once your wife experiences squirting, she will crave it during every intimate moment.

So what is a blended orgasm? A Blended orgasm is the climax or peak of sexual arousal for women that is brought about by stimulating the clitoris and the vagina which can lead to Female Ejaculation aka Squirting.

Squirting is the spurting of fluid out of the urethra during intense sexual excitement or orgasm. The fluid is most likely secreted by the Skene’s glands, which are located in the vulva near the opening of the urethra.

Tip: When your wife squirts, it is not PEE!!!

The blended orgasm can be achieved by using a combination of our techniques from our clitoral orgasm video and the g spot orgasm video. When you use these various techniques, your wife will experience an orgasm that will make her whole body shake!

Blended Orgasm Technique combination-The Puppet & The Come Here
Try different techniques at the same time. Make sure you use lots of lubrication. Your lubrication will make heighten your wife’s stimulation. This can be done by the husband or both spouses. Alternate your stimulating techniques can help you to see which technique works the best for your passion spot and tunnel of passion.

Scrambling her egg- move your hand from left to right giving your wife’s passion spot the ultimate stimulation.
The Gumbo- move your hand using your palm in a circular motion on the passion spot and the entire area.
The Puppet- using your index finger and thumb, begin moving your fingers in a puppet like talking motion directly over the passion spot.
The Captain Hook- enter into the Tunnel of Passion with 2 fingers and turn your fingers with your palm facing up into a hook like position.
Cookie Dough- enter into the Tunnel of Passion with 2 fingers slowly moving in a circular motion rubbing against the G-spot.
The Come Here- enter into the Tunnel of Passion. Start tapping slowly with 2 fingers on the G-spot.
If you wife achieves a squirting episode, make sure you have towels or a bed covering available. You will be amazing how much fluid your wife can produce from this type of orgasm! Husbands, remember that this is a time of discovery for your wife. So, if you want her to achieve the ultimate orgasm, the mood must be right. She must also be very comfortable with you assisting her during this process.

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