2011-09-18 - Dragons Amateur Speedway Event (Part 2)

September 18th 2011 Wyvern Dragons Vs Set Lighting for the 2011 Credit Crunch.... who will win? Music by: Metaljonus - http://metaljonus.newgrounds.com Hamstercake - http://Hamstercake.newgrounds.com Music used under the Creative Commons licence: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/ My chosen charity: Scoliosis Campaign Fund - http://www.mycharitypage.com/Woodee Special Thanks to: Australian Racing Simulation Enthusiasts - http://www.arseforums.com/ Scirocco Central - http://www.sciroccocentral.co.uk/ Push 2 The L!m!ts Photography - http://www.facebook.com/AKImages SLN Art - http://www.slnart.com/ Andy Garner Racing Two Fat Submariners - http://www.twofatsubmariners.com/ Upstairsroom Photography - http://upstairsroom.co.uk/ Dragons Amateur Speedway Club - http://www.dragonsspeedway.co.uk/ Sittingbourne Speedway - http://sittingbourne-speedway.co.uk/ Equipment: Airoh Helmets - http://www.marushin-helmets.jp/ Forma Performing Boots - http://www.formaboots.com/ SixSixOne Protection - http://www.sixsixone.com/ Oakley Goggles - http://www.oakley.com/ Spada Gloves - http://offroad.feridax.com/ ContourHD cameras - http://contour.com/camera

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