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To be a scholar

Dr. Carlton Wilson is from Warrenton, North Carolina. Working through his roots, he is helping students to soar. He is the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at North Carolina Central University. This includes the History, English, Mass Communication, Modern Foreign Languages, and Music and Theatre departments to name a few. How he got from Warrenton to his current position started with a teacher in his high school forcing him to read the “Souls of Black Folk.” Dr. Wilson will tell you at that tender age he didn’t understand most of it but he knew his teacher was excited about it. Dr. Wilson went on to get a phD. in History. We talk about how he now balances administrative, research, and a teaching load. His tale is a case study in how a person can grow into a scholar.

The Richard Brown Show

The Richard Brown Show, a weekly TV and radio show where we discuss, explore and change issues that are affecting our African American community.