WTF - Red Heat - ZX Spectrum

Today's WTF is Red Heat, which a movie license, which stared Arnie and James Belushi, the movie wasn't Arnies greatest movie but it certainly wasn't the worse.

Sadly Schwarzenegger movie never really did translate that well on to the 8bit computers and Red Heat is a perfect example of the utter rubbish we got lumbered with.

The game itself avatars rage looking and it saw Arnie walking from right to left beat people up, but it was done so poorly that even games like Kung Fu master that had come out a few years before which also was a WTG game was better than Red Heat.

The main problem with this game was that it was a very limited scrolling eat em up, the graphics were ok, but it was the game play that really let this game down as it was non existent.

The moves that you had at your disposal were poor, you could punch, head butt and do a low punch and that's it, limited game play was somewhat acceptable if you had played a game like this a few good years but when this game came out you expected more but what we got was this poor of a excuse of a game.

Please let me know your views on this WTF game.

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