WTF - Back to the future - Master System

One of the greatest sequels to one of the best movies ever Back to the Future was a fantastic vision of the future, that back in the early 90's you would have loved the future to look like the movie.

Sadly the game based on the movie ruined the vision of the future because this is WTF material.

How on earth the programmers could mess up a superb licence like this is beyond me, there were so many memorable scene from the classic movie that could have been easily recreated into a fantastic game, but unfortunately all we got left was this poor excuse of game.

The game it self played like a poor mans Paperboy but with none of the charm that made that game a classic, now unlike that game this piece of crap scrolled left to right(although sometime it did scroll diagonal too)

The gameplay is boring and frustringly crap, all you have to do is guide Marty on his hover board avoiding everyrthing, since everything in this game kills you.

Now the game isn't hard and with a bit of practice you can breeze through the game, but the truth is ,you don't want to since all you get is level after level of the same thing.

Bad graphics

dodgy controls

The only thing that could be it saving grace is the music which is pretty decent, but unfortunately that doesn't help this game at all as this really is horrid.

Now this game did come out on the 8bit computers and that's what made this worse, the 8bit computer version when they came out at full price was about £10.99 and that was a rip off and when you consider the price of this game which was about £30 you really didn't get anything better.

One of the worst games ever, play it at your own peril.

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