Who Dare Wins 2 - ZX Spectrum.

"The others don't even get a fighting chance!" Now that was the tagline of the flyer for this game in 1986. The game was published by Alligata Software and was the follow up to "Who Dare Wins" which actually only appeared on the C64. Now this sequel has a colourful and interesting history, the first game on the c64 was so similar to Commando that the game was asked to be shelved, So Alligate Software rather than start from scratch just changed things enough to make the game look different enough and released it as Who Dare Wins 2! Now this game on the Speccy is a great little shooter and when it 1st came out it cost £8.95 which was a real bargian and when it come out on budget it became even better. The game was simple shooter where you play a Commando and you have to navigate up the levels/screen shooting baddie and obviously avoid being killed. Who Dare Wins 2 was a fast and frenetic little shooter that really test the players skills and reflexes as the bullets flew around all over the screen in the beautifully colourful little game. Is this game better than Commando on the Spectrum?.......my answer to that is no, but its very close and its a game that i feel all ZX Spectrum and c64 owners should play as this always gets forgotten. Please give this game a go and feel free to comment on the video with your feed back

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