Super Metroid - SNES

Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo is not only one of the best games on the 16bit console but also one of the best games of all times! From the get go in this game, it draws you in with an exciting story explaining what happened in the previous Metroid game, and from when the amazing intro story ends the game truly begins to immerse you into this amazing world. This game is simply a graphical master piece with every screen/level looking different from the preivous one, theres so much attention to detail in this game its just simply unbelieveable. But its not all graphics in this game, the game greatest assest is the engulfing game play! The game is huge and there is always something new to see and a new area to find and the way to get to these areas is to fight a boss to unlock a new item or simply just find a new item helps you progress. And that really is the secret to how this game works, it keeps you exploring and powering up and allowing you to open up all areas you couldnt before. The controls in this game are spot on too, it really make good use of the Snes controller, every button does something, but its not overly complicated, its easy to control and it works. The main character is beautifully animated and easy to control and the enemy and bosses look fantastic too. The sound and music in this game is smartly done and adds to the tension and atmosphere of the game and really sets the tone of the level or boss battle you are in. One of the best games every created that has aged well and its influence can still be seen in some of the modern games. This game is sheer perfection and its almost impossible to find any fault in it. This is a game that not just every Snes fan should play or replay but every gamer should get hold of! I've must have finished this game about 6-7 times and I simply go back to it every year and it never fails to impress. This game is superb and is one of the most beautifully crafted games ever and for that reason I'm going to rate it a 5/5

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