Splatter House - NES

Splatter House was well known for its gory graphics and violent game play when its 1st came out on the arcades, so I was amazed that this game was also available on the 8bit NES. This game looked worlds apart from its arcade counter part, but that wasn't a bad thing at all. Gone were the the scary frightning graphics, replaced with cute cartoony style. The monster are all still there, the violence is still there and surprisingly this game really still does play like Splatter House even though it does look worlds apart. Once again you play Rick(I think) who has to save his lovely girlfriend who has been kidnapped by a monster pumpkin head. Rick gets brought back to life by the haunted mask that gives him super human powers and strengh. In this version of the game the graphics are cute but still true to the arcade counter part, its still the same left to right slashing and stabbing the monsters, but just looks different(in a good way) I never played this game as a youngster since I believe it didn't come out in the UK(I could be wrong?) so I only managed to play this game a few years a go and straight away I was hooked, this game has a amazing charm about it. If you have never played this you have to give it a go and if you collect NES games you have to add this to your collection. I'm going to score this game a 5/5

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