Socket - Megadrive

Socket"Socket" aka Time Dominator 1st as its know in the East is a platformer which is very similar to a certain Sega game! In Socket you have to run really fast and go up hills and go up and bounce on springs....Yeah this game is more or less a complete rip off Sonic the Hedgehog. Now Sonic did inspire a lot of these fast scrolling fast running platfromers like Bubsy and Zool but Socket really felt more like a Sonic rip off. The main character in Socket moves like Sonic when he is walking and running he even has to collect items but unlike the spiky blue one, Socket has to collect lightning bolts which give him energy, now the energy bar slowly depletes as you run so you have to collect all these bolts to keep you alive. Now this maybe a Sonic clone, but the truth is it has non of its charms, the main character in Socket is some kind of bug looking creature with a hat and a stripy top, really bad character design. Now although Socket runs a fast pace he is simply not as good to control as Sega's beloved mascot for the reason Socket can only jump kick, and that jump kick is useless and no where near as good as Sonics spin attack and this really affects the game play as you could be picking up steam and running really fast and the next thing you slow down by hit a baddie because of the crappy jump kick. Graphically the game is very nice and the music is also very good, this game could have been a lot better if the main gripes i mentioned earlier had been sorted. All in all Socket is a average game, but i would recommend that people play it as it went under the radar a bit when it came out and not many people played it,I actually never played it until emulation.

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