Rival Turf

When Final Fight disappointed many with its lack of a 2 player option, Rival Turf turned up and gave all those unhappy scrolling beat em up fans a 2 player game that fulfilled there beat em up needs. Rival Turf was a game that came out on the 16bit Nintendo in 1992, the game was made by Jaleco. This game looked and played similer in style to the classic arcade game by Capcom Final Fight. Final Fight on the Snes let down a lot of the coin op fans since the game was hugely cut down form the arcades, characters were changed,levels missing but what upset people the most was the lack of a 2 player mode. Now this is something that Rival Turf did have was a 2 player mode and that made this game a great way to spend hours beating the living crap out of loads of baddies with a friend. This had the same vibe as Final Fight, the graphics looked familiar, it had interesting colour sprites and a decent sound track. You could control 1 of 2 characters Jack Flack and Oozie Nelson(who looked a bit like M Bison) The game it self was a typical standard scrolling beat em up and if I'm to be honest it was a average game, but what made this game loads of fun, was that it was 2 player. Despite it being a average game if you played this game with a friend it was a right blast. All in all this may not be the greatest game ever on the SNES but it was a perfect alternative for all of the people that need to play a 2 player arcade scrolling type game.

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