Psycho Fox - Master System

Psycho Fox one of the Sega Master System greatest games! When anyone ever thinks about platforming games or characters most people tend to think Mario,Sonic or maybe even Alex Kidd, but for me Psycho Fox is one of my fave gaming characters ever. This was a game that came out in 1989 and I new absolutely nothing about this game(apart from it being a platformer) or hadn't even seen reviews of it back in the day, but I bought the game with my pocket money because I liked the box art(most box art on the Master System at the time were down right awful) From the moment I put this cartridge in and the game started I was blown away by the bright colourful graphics and amazing sprites, this game looked the business. The next thing that caught my attentions was the fact this Character could stomp on baddies head just like Super Mario and it played very similar to it to, but what made this game even better for me was that you could change your Fox into 3 other different animals who each had their own strength and weaknesses. The Fox was the all rounder The Monkey could jump higher The Hippo was fat and heavy and could punch and break blocks that the others couldn't and the Tiger was ultra fast. So this game had it all, it had some really great music that really accompanied the game so well, some amazing platforming action that easily matched Nintendo's mustached plumber. This has to be in the top 10 best Master System games ever, if you haven't played give a go and if you have why not experience this platforming 8bit master piece once again.

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