Manic Miner - ZX Spectrum

One of the 1st Platformers out there and still one of the most difficult. Manic Miner was a platformer made by Matthew Smith, while he was in his teens and what a plaformer he made. The game was so full of character and colour unlike anything that most games had seen in the day, it was a beautifully crafted platformer made with such care that every level and every baddie is so memorable. All the levels in this game are named and each level has it's own identity, but its not that wasy to get to the next level as this game is so difficult. The game play is simple you play as Willy the miner and you have to collect a certain ammount of objects on screen so a door will appear and from there you have to get back to the door and move onto the next level, but like i said before this game is hard because not only do you have baddies to avoid or jump over there is also objects that will kill you all collapse under you. This game is superb and although after all these years I cant get very far,I still keep on trying.

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