In Game Music - Guerudo Valley - Ocarina of time - N64

One of the greatest games ever made Ocarina of time,had one of the most memorable sound tracks that accompanied the game so well.

When Zelda appeared on the N64 everyone was blown away by how well the Zelda series transferred so well from 2d to 3d.

The game was huge and even more enjoyable and addictive than ever, now one of the things that add so much to this near perfect game was the sound track that just captured your emotion with some truly mesmerizing sound music and all this really made you feel part of this wonderful world and made it a pure joy to play this game.

For me one of the greatest tunes of this classic game was "Guerudo Valley" the music was superb and I couldn't believe how amazing it sounded, it was a cross between Spanish guitar style music crossed with a epic old skool classic adventure movie.

Its been years since I've heard this amaing track from Ocarina of time and to this day this tune still amazes me.

give it a listen and tell me what memories or emotions this conjures up.

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