Human Killing Machine - ZX Spectrum

With a Tag line that on the cassette inlay that said" He's the meanest son of a snake you have ever seen" you knew you were gonna play a decent game! Human Killing Machine or HKM for short is a game made by US Gold on the ZX Spectrum, you play a character called Kwon, who has to travel around the world and fight different fighters, sounds familiar? HKM is the unoffical sequel to the US Golds port of Street Fighter as US Gold Made the Speccy port. This game is the very same game, and all the programmers did is change the sprites and backdrops and added the fact that you have to fight a extra round. The over game play and controls are exactly the same SF, the only saving grace is that some of the baddies you fight against are interesting,they all have character and some of them are animals too.(I'm not joking...really you fight and beat crap out of animals lol) This game is not a bad game, its not WTF material, but its not great, you can progress through out the game by doing a leg sweep and believe me that gets boring after a while. All I have to say if you have never played HKM, give it a go for a laugh but just don't expect anything amazing. Please enjoy the video and please feel free to comment.

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