Golden Axe - Master System

"The residents of the once peaceful city of Yuria have lost the legendary Golden Axe - the very thing that shielded them from evil for so long is now in the hands of the unscrupulous titan Death Adder" That was the story on the back of the box of the Sega Master System game. This is a decent arcade conversion of the classic game by Sega, this was the 1st console version I owned and to be honest I use to love this conversion. Now the reason I loved this game was that it was much better than the 8bit home computer versions that I owned, the graphics on this game look very similer to the arcade game and even the music is fantastic and even all the sound FX sound spot on. This game does have few problems though, you can only pick character unlike the arcade game where you could choose from 3. The thing that lets this game down is the controls, they really affect the game since the the controls are very unresponsive, which is a shame as this game captured the look of the of the arcade game. But all in all this isnt a bad game, its actually a good conversion, please check out the video and give me your feed back.

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