Dizzy - ZX Spectrum - Title Music

This is the title music of Dizzy on the ZX Spectrum. The game was created by the Oliver Twins and the music done by Jon Paul Eldridge. Dizzy was first unleashed to the world in 1988 and we all fell in love with this amazing little character.In the first Dizzy game Dizzy's quest was to collect a number of items to make a potion so he destroy the evil wizard Zaks.But it wasn't just this amazing game play and character that capture my imagination as a youngster, it was number of other things.The amazing loading screen that saw Dizzy staring out in to the distance in to a strange enchanting land that really wanted me to play this game, but the music that played on the title screen was amazing and really set the tone for the game, the only problem was that the game had no in game music. But all in all this is one of the best Dizzy music in the Dizzy series.

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