1HMPS Retro Episode 12 – An interview with the Oliver Twins.

1HMPS Retro is happy to announce that for this episode we managed to land a interview with the creators of the Dizzy games, the Oliver Twins. In Episode 12 your host is Andy and the guests are non other than Philip and Andrew Oliver. We talk to the Oliver’s about how they got into gaming What machines they owned When they appeared on the Saturday show Meeting the Darling brother and working for Codemasters Creating the ZX Spectrums most iconic gaming character “Dizzy” And loads more about the Oliver Twins about the past present and future in the gaming industry So stick the kettle on and make yourself a nice cuppa and grab a few biscuits and enjoy the interview with the Fantastic Oliver Twins. (Note from Andy host of 1HMPS Retro) I Just wanted to take the time to say I had a great time interviewing the Oliver Twins, I’m sure you all know that I am a huge fan of the Dizzy games, so it was a real pleasure speaking to both Andrew and Philip. A lot of the times when you get to meet your heroes you are left feeling some what disappointed, but this was not the case for me as I found both Oliver’s to be really friendly, down to earth,funny and very professional and they exceed all my expectations It was a real honour for me to speak to the them and I’m ever so grateful that they took the time to appear on the 1HMPS Retro Podcast. So big thanks to Philip and Andrew Oliver for doing the interview….those guys are the best! P.s Did I mention that was only part 1, more on that sometime later:)

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