16bit wars - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtles In Time

Turtles in time was the follow up to the classic arcade game by Konami TMNT! Once again you and 3 friends could control your favourite ninja turtles in this fantastic sequel, to the orignal arcade. This game managed to improve on many things from the 1st game, the graphics were more brighter and more colourful, the animations was superb and it really felt(and it does)like you were in the cartoon controlling the Turtles. This game had amazing game play, and it was easy enough to progress through the levels and every level you played looked different to the last and also feature intresting baddies and boss battles too. The great thing about todays 16bit wars is how the 16bit versionsturned out, now although they are based on the arcade game, they are very different. The Megadrive version is called Hyper Stone Heist and has a slightly different story line and different level layout. The Super Nintendo had a whole new level and even featured different bosses. All these things combined make both games really great to play and also make it difficult to pick a winner for todays 16bit wars, but there can be only one winner. So to find out the winner of todays 16bit wars please watch the video and of course please feel free to comment.

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