16bit wars - Super Wrestlemania

Super Wrestlemania is the 1st 16bit war Sega Vs Nintendo of 2011. This was the 1st wrestling game I owned on my Snes and Megadrive and I loved it to bits as it featured all my favorites WWF Wrestlers and the ones that didn't appear on the Snes version appeared on the Megadrive version so that's why I owned them both. Both versions had the same options to choose from, the Megadrive being the slightly harder version where the AI was just that little bit tougher. The Snes version didn't have the wrestlers finishing moves, although the Megadrive did. The graphics were nicely animated in both versions and all the wrestlers looked like their real life counter parts. The amount of moves was a little bit limited but that didn't stop me from getting both versions. To find out who the winner is for this 16bit wars please check out the video and as always please feel free to comment and give me your feed back.

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