16bit wars - Contra

In todays 16bit wars we take a look at Konami's classic shoot em up Contra! Contra is a classic shoot em up that I used to love playing in the arcade, it got ported to lots of different systems, but the 2 that stand out the most are the 16bit versions, the Megadrive and Super Nintendo games. Both games featured over the top chaos and carnage but it made the game memroable, the level of difficulty was insanely hard, dodging bullets was like trying to avoid rain drops. What made this game work was it really felt like a action packed blockbuster of a movie and what better wat to share the experince was to have a friend join in fun. Both games had so much character and both are really some of the best games of the 16bit era. Which version will win today's 16bit wars? please feel free to comment and give us your view on the video.

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