16bit wars - Castlevania

This is 16bit wars was one of older video that I wanted to upload to the site as. Castlevania is a classic series of games by Konami, where you normally play the role of a vampire hunter who is out to stop Drackula himself. The games started of on the 8bit consoles and are still being made to this day. But for me it wasn't until the 16bit consoles that the series really stood out for me. The Snes game which was titled Super Castlevaina 4 was a amazing game that not only played well but had so much charm and quality about it. The graphics were amazing and were a huge leap from the 8bit games, the graphics just got better and better as you progressed through the game. The sound in this game was amzing too, and just like the graphics every level the sound/music got better and better. The Snes games is one of the best games ever on the 16bit Nintendo. Now the Megadrive version I wasn't expecting much from, but how wrong was I as this must be one of the most underrated games ever on the 16bit Sega. The game is called Bloodlines or The new Generations. It is a completely different game than the Snes game but the core Castlevania game still remains there. This game had 2playable characters each with different weapons and moves. and the graphis were equally as good as the Snes game. So which version is better? both versions are classics! Watch the video to find out.

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