A Royal Carpet

Red Carpet Bay Area discovers The Empress. People in this video: Captain Gerry K. Robertson, Empress Yacht Events; Chef Jared Seaton, Empress Yacht Events; Deborah Birmingham, Empress Yacht Events. Credits: Producer: Marybeth La Motte; Writer & Producer: Jan Mabry; Associate Producer & Stylist: Cori Miller; Editor: Ben McCormick; Director of Photography: Mark Hamburg; Wedding Video: Michael Jensen, Jensen Films; Wardrobe: Sandy Mandel, Style Studio

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Red Carpet Bay Area

Red Carpet Bay Area is a magazine-style show created by an Emmy Award winning team that highlights events, fashion, art, philanthropy, food and wine and everything cool about the San Francisco Bay Area lifestyle. Produced by Marybeth La Motte, written by Jan Mabry, director of photography Mark Hamburg, editors: Henry Faybusovich, Joanna Hidalgo, Greg Marasso, Ben McCormick, C.K. Schick, Anton Wannenburg.