Massive Cyberwave About to Infect Internet | A revolutionary new social networking site is scheduled to launch November 5th. uses a new technology that permits you to use your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or YouTube account to enter the site. The new website also integrates the social networks of your choosing, including Facebook and Twitter into one 'social wall' where you can access each site's News Feed in one place. In a recent press release, they state, alongside blogs, videos, events and group organizing tools, "One feature allows you to command your entire 'Social Universe' by broadcasting your status update to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and Linkedin" effectively making the site a hub to spread the message of Freedom and Liberty to the Millions of people connected to those existing Social Networks. The site, that functions independently of Facebook, uses password authentication to allow Facebook users access. Due to the increased password encryption, members who held accounts prior to the site upgrade have to use the password reset function ( ) to re-enter the site. To ensure its members privacy, has brought on an ethical hacker to lock down the site from intruders.

To check out the new Social Network of the Revolution, visit

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