[RRS] Episode 3: Third episodes

In the third episode of the Random Review Show we look at... third episodes. For the purpose of this episode, we've used IMDb's ratings database. While not perfect and not always in line with our own opinions, it is the best available database out there. Want to make it more accurate? Why don't you vote yourself? http://randomreviewshow.com http://www.imdb.com http://dbpedia.org

Random Review Show

Reviewing anything, anytime....since...umm..2011 :) So far we have reviewed Energy Drinks,Bread,Games,the future of communication and people walking away from explosions! While similar in tone to other internet review shows, we try to be a tad longer, more substantial, and with lots of moderately ok level special effects! As mentioned above, we also try to review stranger things, rather then just entertainment media. We appreciate all feedback as it helps our show grow.