Quilty: Cut It Out

In one of the very first Quilty episodes ever filmed (!) Mary Fons shows her friend and rookie quilter Chloe how to use a rotary cutter when cutting her fabric. Chloe hadn't even seen one before, but she learns — in one take! — how to use a rotary cutter to get precise, beautiful pieces for her patchwork. Learn rotary cutting basics, some safety tips, and finally be counted among the rotary cutting quilters of the world with this fun and informative episode. It's really easy! For more videos like this visit QNNtv.com

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Quilty: Finally, a home for rookie quilters. Not everyone knows how to thread a sewing machine. It's okay! Quilty is here to help. Quilty is a weekly quilting show offered online that seeks to inform and inspire the next generation of quilters. Hosted by Mary Fons, a J.V. quilter and co-host of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting on PBS, Quilty delivers great quilting instruction with humor, zest, and respect for the art of quilting. Many of today’s newer quilters visit quilt shops or randomly surf online with little to no knowledge of quilting basics. They feel bummed out and lost and often bail on the idea of making a quilt altogether. This is a tragedy of epic proportions! But it's no wonder: The home ec classes our mothers and grandmothers took were replaced by computer classes when we were in school. So it's Quilty's mission to teach rudimentary quilting skills in a friendly, welcoming way. There will be more advanced techniques, too, but the goal is always to inspire every viewer to make a quilt of her own after seeing just one episode. There's a new Quilty episode once a week. With style, class, and a sense of humor, Quilty aims to ignite new passion for the American quilt. Let's do this. For more Quilty and other related Quilting shows, visit QNNtv.com!