The Big F'ing Tutorial: Development Using the repoze.bfg Web Framework (Part 002)

[VIDEO HAS ISSUES: ] Are you a Python web developer who thinks there might be some great stuff hidden away in Zope but you consider it inaccessible to you because you feel that Zope imposes too many foreign concepts for your tastes? Are you a more-or-less happy Zope developer that has the nagging feeling that much of Zope is unnecessary "baggage" on your current project? Maybe you're a Plone developer who feels that Plone is unsuitable for one of your current projects because it's too complicated? This tutorial will present everything you need to know about repoze.bfg, a small Python web framework in the spirit of Pylons. The goals of repoze.bfg are simplicity, familiarity to Zope programmers (but no Zope experience is required), execution speed, and complete, comprehensive, and up-to-date documentation. In this tutorial, we'll explain the core concepts in repoze.bfg, then we'll lead a guided development session where we make a small application using the framework. We'll also cover packaging and deployment of the application. Questions are highly encouraged during the presentation.

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