Drinking in Las Vegas - Pub Crawl #083: The Bartender is Still Pouring Drinks. . .

Pub Crawl is on break but that does not mean the drinks stop pouring. Watch David and Alicia serve up several of their Cocktail of Week drinks, tell a few stories and drop in a few drunk terms in for good measure. Cocktail of the Week: Martini Cocktail of the Week: Senor Pooh Bear Cocktail of the Week: Margarita Cocktail of the Week: Lemon Drop Cocktail of the Week: Bloody Mary (Reminder Pub Crawl is on break and we will be back on July 18th!)

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Each week, Pub Crawl hosts David and Alicia Ivy struggle to recall their adventures in and around Las Vegas. These crazy kids will give you a unique perspective on where to tear it up(!) in the entertainment capital of the world. You can bet that a show with segments like “Pub Crawl Adventures”, “Belly Up to the Bar”, “Drink of the Week”, “Hey Bartender” and “Last Call”, will be a good time for all!