Drinking in Las Vegas - Pub Crawl #072: Naked Zombies and a Country Western Crawl

It's BBQ cookoffs and monster trucks at the ACM (American Country Music) Experience followed by butt jiggling fun at Gilley's during this week's adventure. Then, David and Alicia mix it up with naked zombies at Deja Vu and cap it all off with a tour of the hotspots and awesome deals at the Silverton.

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Each week, Pub Crawl hosts David and Alicia Ivy struggle to recall their adventures in and around Las Vegas. These crazy kids will give you a unique perspective on where to tear it up(!) in the entertainment capital of the world. You can bet that a show with segments like “Pub Crawl Adventures”, “Belly Up to the Bar”, “Drink of the Week”, “Hey Bartender” and “Last Call”, will be a good time for all!