The REAL Hunger Games - Mom vs. Hungry Kids! - Pretty Darn Funny

Gracie, a busy mom, volunteers to enter the Hungry Games, a grueling challenge between harried parent and hungry child. Forced to rely upon her sharp instincts as well as her abilities to make healthy meals from scratch, Gracie is pitted against the highly-trained Children, who are relentlessly hungry, no matter how much mac 'n cheese she can provide.

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Moms are funny, too! At least according to Gracie Moore, former improv star turned full-time mom who gets more than she bargains for when she launches an all-female comedy troupe to prove it. But before Gracie and her rag-tag troupe of unlikely comedians can take center stage, they must overcome insecurities, in-fighting, and performances that are memorable for all the wrong reasons. Sometimes comedy isn't pretty, but it's always pretty darn funny. Pretty Darn Funny is a branded web series and transmedia experience brought to you by Tinder Transmedia and Deseret Book.