Pasquale Marco Veltri - Looking for light

Pasquale Marco Veltri - Looking for Light Filmmaker and Photographer Pasquale Marco Veltri discusses the evolution of personal story telling. "The films and images you create define you. They are your stories. They are your friends. They are your family." -Pasquale Marco Veltri- Pasquale Marco Veltri is a Canadian filmmaker and photographer whose unique vision crosses the boundaries of culture and language. A worldly soul and visual storyteller whose focus on character development is strongly represented in the intelligence and complexity of his works. Faced with the tasks of producing, directing, cinematography, and writing Pasquale has a well rounded, integrated, and holistic approach to the art of cinema. His films have screened nationally and internationally in Canada, Britain, France, Italy, and Egypt. Veltri is an active member of the artist community and a promising contributor to the independent cinema. He has published a book, his work has been shown in several exhibitions through out his career as an artist, and has been featured and interviewed in both local and Italian Canadian television. A cultivated artist with a universal appeal that is sure to rattle audiences with his latest cinematic endeavour Measuring Tape Girl which is a critique on the place of the self in a post-technological world rampant with self doubt. Measuring Tape Girl has had screenings at the Cannes Film Festival and the Montreal World Film Festival.


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