Culture Days - Measuring Tape Girl @ the NFB in Toronto



Measuring Tape Girl Film Screening During Culture Days

Toronto, ON, September 20, 2011 -- The average costume fitting begins with detailed measurements taken and than transcribed onto fabric.

Costume designer Sarah Skinner was asked to take a different approach; Skinner was commissioned by filmmaker Pasquale Marco Veltri to design two costumes entirely from yellow measuring tape for the Measuring Tape Girl screenings around the world and at Toronto's Culture Days Festival on October 2nd. Hosted by Casie Stewart, one of Canada's female influential bloggers.

The measuring tape jacket, tie and dress where worn and showcased throughout Cannes and the Montreal Word Film Festival, to draw attention to the films themes of self-acceptance and self-image.

Measuring Tape Girl is an examination of self-perception and indecisiveness. A young woman approaching her thirties and turns to online video blogging as a means of expressing her doubts and fears. Creating an alter ego named 'Measuring Tape Girl', she measures herself against others and before anyone rejects her, she does it herself.

The film is the cinematic manifestation of society's willingness to pour their hearts and bare their souls through a digital medium. Written and directed by Pasquale Marco Veltri, starring Jessica Embro (How to Marry a Mink) and produced by Byron Martin (Devil's Teardrop, Wild Cherry, American Pie: The Naked Mile) the short is an examination of self-image, alienation, and indecisiveness the average person is faced with today.

"Society teaches us all from an early age that we are not good enough - that we need to improve and reach some unattainable ideal," says Veltri. "Of course it helps our development and pushes us forward, but it causes us to carry negative self-images of ourselves into adulthood. Before we can learn to love others we must accept and love ourselves for who we are. The belief that we are not good enough is a silent epidemic that must be conquered before we can finally become who we are meant to be," says director Pasquale Marco Veltri.

Measuring Tape Girl screens at the National Film Board of Canada in Toronto as part of Culture Days on October 2nd at 3:00pm and 4:00pm. The Measuring Tape dress and jacket will be on display at the screening.

About Pasquale Marco Veltri

Pasquale Marco Veltri is a Canadian filmmaker whose unique vision crosses the boundaries of culture and language. His films, Politics of Fear, Measuring Tape Girl and A Day in the Life, have screened in Canada, France, USA, Britain, Italy, and Egypt.


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