GamePron News E3 2011 Intro

The Electronic Entertainment Expo - or E3 - is the biggest week in the gaming calendar. In fact, there's so much stuff that goes on that it can't all be crammed into two and a half days, and we take a moment to recap some of the big reveals that have already happened in the weeks leading up to the event. Aliens: Colonial Marines from Sega, Metro: Last Light from THQ, Ghost Recon Online from Ubisoft and - of course - Activision's Call of Duty Elite were all announced before the event even kicked off. There are also the five big media briefings held before doors open on Tuesday June 7th! Microsoft is promising more about Kinect and Xbox 360, EA brings Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3, among a stellar lineup, and Ubisoft celebrates its 25th anniversary with Rayman Origins and Rocksmith. It's not all software either, Sony's set to announce its new handheld's real name - no more NGP codename - and Nintendo is revealing its successor to the Wii, a new console codenamed Project Cafe.

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