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The Knitting Game is a way to explore knitting patterns in your library and it will hopefully allow you to broaden your knitting knowledge by using the resources you already have on hand, but may be neglecting. The game was envisioned to be interactive, fun and a different way to pick knitting projects. The Knitting Game web-series is a weekly discussion of the knitting game and "other stuff" otherwise known as knitting, spinning, sewing and hiking.

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Episodes of The Knitting Game and Other Stuff

    • Mount Yarn

      Just a quick recap of the week's knitting exploits and some yarn purchased to share.

      • Release date
        May 26, 2014
      • Runtime
    • Episode 92 - Time Management... What?

      Lesley details some finished objects (yeay) and reveals the next three sweaters to say goodbye from the "Next 10 Sweaters" Knitting Game. The final three sweaters fight it out for knitting dominance.

      • Release date
        Mar 30, 2014
      • Runtime
    • Episode 91 - Getting Back to Normal

      This week’s episode has a lot of new projects, goodies and updates. After a debilitating cold, Lesley shares some of her new found treasures and new success stories. She also reveals the winners of the first round of voting in the Ten Future Sweaters Knitting Game. Thanks for stopping by, please come again.

      • Release date
        Mar 9, 2014
      • Runtime
    • Episode 90 - So Long January

      Lot and lots to talk about. There is a new knitting game to vote on and some pretty yarn to. Project progress includes a pretty big finished object.

      • Release date
        Feb 9, 2014
      • Runtime
    • Episode 89 - Down by the River…

      I might be Down by the River.... but I'm not in a van. Some of you might get that reference... anyway, there is a lot of goodies on this week's show... casting on can be addictive.

      • Release date
        Jan 21, 2014
      • Runtime
    • Episode 88 - Waiting for the Cold

      This was a short week, and so this will be a short show. What’s going on? A bunch of knitting that’s what. Stay tuned for next week, there will be mega amounts of enabling for sure. You can find the show notes here.

      • Release date
        Jan 6, 2014
      • Runtime
    • Episode 87 - Almost a New Year

      It’s almost the New Year and everyone is thinking about goals and making changes. This year’s goals include knitting a sweater or two, and spinning. Stash to zero may also be an option, but who are we kidding, with MDSWF, Shenandoah and Zombie Knitpocalypse this year, I’m sure there will be some stash added.

      • Release date
        Dec 31, 2013
      • Runtime
    • Episode 86 - Small Needles

      The blog and the show have a new look. The winner of the Tightpants Pick the Pattern Knitting Game is announced. That also means someone won some yarny goodness. Is it you?

      • Release date
        Dec 15, 2013
      • Runtime
    • Episode 85 - A New Look

      The blog and the show have a new look. The finalists in the "Pick the Tightpants" pattern Knitting Game are up for a vote.

      • Release date
        Dec 8, 2013
      • Runtime
    • Episode 84 - I'm a Turkey

      In the aftermath of Thanksgiving, Lesley has some interesting things to share and give away.

      • Release date
        Nov 30, 2013
      • Runtime