Phoenix Wright: Ace Idiot - Episode 8

Episode 8: Turnabout Edgeworth's New Game

Phoenix is back to solve a new and unimportant case! With the help of Maya and her underused spirit medium powers, they will not only solve the case, but learn that you should not judge a person just because of the color of their skin. Nah, I'm just kidding, everyone in this series is extremely racist...except Pearls.
Pearls is very accepting of all races, except for MOOSLIMS.


Travolta3335: Phoenix Wright, Dick Gumshoe, Morgan Fey, Pearl Fey, Guard, The Judge, Jacques Portsman, Buddy "Jim" Faith, Bailiff, Winston Payne, Police Officer

VidCat23: Miles Edgeworth

saavvvyyyy: Maya "Gilligan" Fey

Sorry this took forever to come out, but now with AP History almost finished, and now I'll be able to pump out more episodes...with a totem pole!

Also, Ace Idiot has been approved by a new spokesperson :p

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Idiot

Phoenix Wright: Ace Idiot is a random parody of Capcom's Ace Attorney series. It follows the hilarious and non-canonical chronicles of Phoenix Wright and his schoolyard chums...with a totem pole!