Phoenix Wright: Ace Idiot - Episode 5

Episode 5: Turnabout Failure.

Phoenix has the luckiest break an attorney can ask for: Winston Payne. He fails miserably, people get verbal and physical beatings (mostly Payne) and there are...AFROS??? Holy *HOLD IT!* it just got real up in here...


Travolta3335: Phoenix Wright, The Judge, Winston Payne, Pearl "Leroy" Fey, Narrator

VidCat23: Dick Gumshoe, Manfred von Karma

alliorora: Maya Gilligan Fey

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Idiot

Phoenix Wright: Ace Idiot is a random parody of Capcom's Ace Attorney series. It follows the hilarious and non-canonical chronicles of Phoenix Wright and his schoolyard chums...with a totem pole!