Peak Oil Blues - We're All Bozos on this Bus

Peak Moment 199: "My own reaction seemed so crazy to me," says psychologist Kathy McMahon of her response to Peak Oil. Wondering if she was the only "wacko", she started the Peak Oil Blues blog to explore her own and readers' responses. As the "Peak Shrink," Kathy formulated a delightfully tongue-in-cheek "Panglossian Disorder" -- an unrealistic optimism about the future. She will soon publish "I Can't Believe You Actually Think That! A Couple's Guide to Finding Common Ground about Peak Oil, Climate Catastrophe, and Economic Hard Times." (, You help make a difference in the world by supporting Peak Moment TV. Contribute at

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Ride an electric bike. Tour a permaculture back yard garden. In each episode of Peak Moment TV, Janaia Donaldson hosts practical grass roots entrepreneurs who are exploring locally reliant lifestyles to meet these challenging times. Peak Moment TV is cross-pollinating the most challenging shift in human history - an energy transition away from fossil fuels to sustainable living.