Veil of Thorns - My Inner Sanctum

Track taken from 'Manifestation Objective' CD.


In a shaded doorway

Watching the spirits at play,

Through a cracked and shimmering window to the world;

Through my surprise, welling up in my eyes:

Your soul;

Bleeding, old; a deep well of love:

Sepulchral, cold.

The crowning glory swathed in fear,

The brave action recoiling into futility.

To my knees glancing upward,

There flies pain: mine.

Deep ecstasy traces desire.

Hidden places, lost hold;

No one to sustain reality,

My love erases me.

I turn around to go,

The world around me flows through my body.

The bitter realization contains the happy seed: yes, me.

Weak and stumbling,

Gloriously breathing still dawn’s air,

That part of me now lost forever,

It wanders lonely in the dark.

Battle-weary I remain

Inconsistency remarked,

Though seemingly complete.

The soul bears not

Such vacuous conceit.

God damn you!

How can I bear to see your face?

Your every tear reveals my cowering disgrace.

To my knees, glancing inward:


My inner sanctum.

Video directed by Ferenc Teglas


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