Choronzon - Crimson Awakening

Choronzon - Magog Agog
1998 Nocturnal Art Productions

Psychedelic Back Metal

1. Intro: Dust
2. Love. Strength: Lies
3. Perdurabo (Magog Agog)
4. Under the Leaves
5. Crimson Awakening
6. Demon
7. Void
8. 333
9. Choronzon

Review in Pit Magazine Issue # 28
Choronzon-Magog Agog-Nocturnal Art Productions
Releases like Magog Agog are far and few between here at Pit. Predictability is fairly common on most metal albums. Te strange, psychotic flair of this one definitely doesn't fit that bill. The first half sounds similar to mechanized aggro-metal, but heavy electronics eliminate a substantial link. The opening track utilizes layering or multi-track technique of instruments and sounds producing a disorienting effect. It almost sounds like a chaotic "test" track,to immediately weed out the nimble minded "brutal" listeners from the adventurous ones. Perdurabo(MagogAgog) follows with aggressive metal tendencies, but warps, explodes and reconstitutes itself from the meshing disarray of sound and structure. Eventually, the material calms down to reveal a black metal musician basking in the electronic light. Be warned! this record is an acquired taste! For the dark eccentric weirdo in the metal crowd only.
-Kurt Hubert


Blackened Electro Metal from America

Choronzon (USA) is a one-man project under the command of Mr. P. Emerson Williams.

The music of Choronzon is a find blend of Black, Thrash and Industrial, but you also find strong Gothic elements and some out of the ordinary psychedelic/ Ambient elements.

If you've had anything to do with the goth scene or read any occult oriented magazines in the early nineties you would almost certainly have come acress the art of Peter Emerson Williams, or read interviews with his band, Veil of Thorns. What was less known at the time was the evil Demon he was giving brith to: Choronzon.

P. Emerson Williams had spent the late eightees trying to get a Black Metal band going that was sincere about its occult involvement. Finding nothing but baseball-capped thrashers who were content with aping Exodus, Metallica and Anthrax he decided to withdraw from the world for a while to concentrate on art, Veil of Thorns and perfecting his vision of Metal.

Choronzon was first brought out from the underworld with "Emotional Hunger", a heavily Death-tinged three song affair that had its good points but barely hinted in -92 at what was to follow. It was with the second self-titled demo Williams' vision was brought lightyears closer to realization, and the public interest was immediately felt to the point at which it was difficult to get review copies sent out as the tapes were sold almost as soon as they were duplicated.

What most characterized the second demo was a ritualistic experimentalism that was not quite the amorphous devilry of Abruptum and some eighties style riffs that weren't quite retro. This demo was without a doubt a far purer Black Metal release than the preceeding demo and the subsequent album.

"Magog Agog" is taken from James Joyces "Finnegans Wake". It is to be found in a passage of epithets hurled at, written down and collected by a much derided derilict in the town. It fits perfectly with the way P. Emerson Williams was treated by many in the goth scene, and the words have a very meaningful occult meaning which fits Choronzon to a T.

Choronzon "Magog Agog" CD (ECLIPSE 009)/ Nocturnal Art Productions:

"The music of Choronzon is a fine blend of Black, Thrash and Industrial Metal, but you also find strong gothic elements and some out of the ordinary psychedelic/ambient elements." What could be more fitting description? This outstandingly weird and unordinary release by P. Emerson Williams of Veil Of Thorns surely covers all the mentioned genres and almost everything else, and furthermore combines them incredibly well so that the wide spectrum doesn't disturb. It's hard to say anything collective about "Magog Agog", it's not just anything. Every single field is handled with skill and true artistic sense, and recording technology is being used very colourfully. If you're into really chaotic and original stuff, get "Magog Agog" in your hands as soon as possible! It's simply brilliant!

(5) Review by Ville Sorvali

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