Woman Beheaded in Herat (Video)

Heart (PAN): A 20-years-old woman was beheaded in the 7th district of western Herat province, officials said on Wednesday.

Magul was beheaded on Tuesday night in 7th district of western Heart province and her dad body was found outside her house, a member of the district police said.

Gula Agha a criminal investigation member told Pajhwok Afghan News the husband and the husband’s mother have been detained and are currently under investigation.

He added “The local witness told us a relative of Magul by the name of Najib has came out of her house with a blooded knife”.

Number of local women’s rights defender in a gathering asked the government to remove violence against women and arrest the murderer of Magul.

During the current year around 16 women have been killed for different reason in western Herat province, local women’s right defenders say on a gathering.\ Mawladad Yqoobi and Obaidullah Hussam

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