Hundreds of Kabul youth rally against Iran (Video)

KABUL (PAN): Hundreds of angry youths protested on Wednesday in the capital against Iran’s cultural invasion and execution of Afghan nationals in the neighbouring country.
The morning demonstration started from Shahr-i-Naw Park and concluded in front of the Iranian embassy, where protestors chanted slogans “death to Iran, death to Khomeini -- the Iranian spiritual leader” and also against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
They also burned Iran’s flag near the embassy. The rally organsied by the Afghan Youths’ Union asked Iran to stop meddling in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.
Abdul Qayyum Mutafi, the union’s spokesman, said the demonstration was aimed to denounce the execution of Afghans in Iran, its cultural invasion and oppose Khomeini’s anniversary celebration in Afghanistan.
He told Pajhwok Afghan News that Iran was pursuing its political agenda and spy activities through the country’s cultural and education centres.
PAJHWOK/Ataullah Khpelwak

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