Governor terror plot foiled (Video)

HERAT CITY (PAN): Ten people were detained in connection to insurgency and terror plot on Daud Shah Saba, the governor of western Herat province, an official said.
The governor's spokesman, Mahiudin Noori, told Pajhwok Afghan News the individuals were detained along with a large number of explosives and needed equipments in Herat city and Kishk-i-Kohna district of the province.
He added the Taliban's Quetta Shora aimed to initiate several attacks on governor's office and intelligence department, saying the individuals had been arrested before to reach their target.
He said they also planned the terror plot of Governor Daud Shah Saba.
Noori identified two of the detainees as Mullah Satar, the organizer of suicide attacks and Fazal Rahman alias Mullah Omar, who transferred rebels from Pakistan to Herat province.
Mullah Sultan alias Maulvi Ismail, Mullah Sardar and Haji Malok, were among the detainees, he said.
Of the detainees, seven members of the group were showed to journalists at intelligence department, Noori said, adding three other detainees were under investigation.
He added efforts were underway to arrest other members of the group.
PAJHWOK/Mawladad Yaqobi

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