MUS* Cry Me A Place To Be - The Reaper

The Reaper are aged between 11 and 14 years old and a product of Witchwood School of Rock. They are based in Oxfordshire and have an impressive gig history - having performed with Guns n Roses and supported Midgar, Iron On Maiden and Young Lust. 2011 saw they play festivals at Riverside, Chippy and Alex James Presents Harvest. They played the O2 Academy as part of Against Breast Cancer's Battle of the Bands. The style of music is heavy metal / rock with killer riffs and insightful lyrics. They have a stage presence, professionalism and creativity that belies their years. Don't think of them as a novelty kids band. Appreciate them for what they are - An AWESOME METAL BAND!!! This, their first official video, was produced by Cherryduck Producitons and directed by Kim Knight, the Executive Producer was James Vellacott. For more information on The Reaper, head over to and


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